What does personal training entail?

• Measurements & Assessments

Using an easily portable scale, we're able to routinely log weights as we observe for long-term sustainable weight loss or gain to signify the loss of fat and/or the gain of muscle.

Additionally, by removing your shoes and socks, the scale is able to make an accurate estimate of body fat percentage through a process known as "bioelectrical impedance."

Many clients don't care so much about losing weight as they do about feeling comfortable, confident, and energetic in their bodies!  For these clients, common goals may include achieving a "toned" look, losing inches of fat in certain areas of the body, and gaining muscle in other areas.  By taking circumference measurements, we can be sure that we're headed in the right direction!

To take an even more accurate estimate of body fat percentage, we also utilize a technique known as "skinfold testing."  We pinch the skin of certain landmarks on the body and separate the fat from the muscle.  Then, we measure how many mm of fat exist in that landmark and double check again later to make sure it was an accurate measurement.  Finally, we insert the measurements into our skinfold equations which give us a final body fat percentage estimate.

In addition to all the other measurements, we also take quite a few performance assessments.  It's very important to mark improvements in cardio, flexibility, endurance, and strength.  In fact, as part of the annual commitment to personal training, we include an assessment every 3 months of all 11 components of physical fitness:

Agility, Balance, Body Composition, Cardiovascular Endurance, Coordination, Flexibility, Muscular Endurance, Muscular Strength, Power, Reaction Time, Speed

• Foam Rolling & Warm Up

Occasionally, before beginning a workout we will foam-roll.  Using this special piece of equipment, this foam roller actually enhances the warm up by vibrating and therefore promoting blood flow to certain areas of the body.

Foam rolling is believed to relieve tightness in certain spots of the body, relax the muscles through a process known as "autogenic inhibition," and even reduce soreness the day after the workout.

If a client exhibits certain tell-tale signs of "overactive muscles," it is extremely likely we will include foam rolling in our exercise prescription in order to achieve a healthier posture.

Warm ups are absolutely essential to any workout.  This is preparing the body for the type of movement(s) we'll be doing.

If we're weightlifting, we'll begin using a lighter weight with the same technique.  If we're implementing cardio or circuit training, we'll prepare the heart by gently increasing intensity for 5-7 minutes before we give the workout our all.

• The Workout!

The workout is the meat and potatoes of personal training!


This is what you came for after all!

Be ready to lift, sweat, and work your body!

We utilize all types of equipment such as agility ladders, free weights, kettlebells, medicine balls, sandbells, battle rope, climbing rope, resistance bands, balance boards, and plenty others!

• Recovery (Stretching & Vibration Massage)

After the workout is complete, we will gradually bring down your heart rate, stretch out, and relax.


 This is the best part!

First, we may foam roll depending on the circumstances and if it's in your exercise prescription.

Then, we may either stretch or do some assisted stretching (as depicted) to get further, deeper stretches, further improving flexibility and relaxing any tension you might be holding in your muscles.

Finally, if we had an especially hard workout, we may even incorporate this piece of equipment known as the "massage gun."  


By vibrating at such a fast rate, and with specific attachments to target any muscle, this tool is amazing at reducing soreness, relieving tension, and promoting relaxation.

The tool we use has 4 different attachments, 3 different speeds, and can be utilized by either you or me to reach any part of the body.


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