Our Special Deal!

Earning you the incredibly affordable
rate of $49 per 50m Session
Which comes out to
$392/mo for...
x8 50m Sessions per Month
x1 Personalized Program per Month
How to Earn It?
1. Take advantage of one of the following Intro Options:
     • $296 for 8 Sessions in your 1st Month
     • $30 paid per Session for your 1st 3 Sessions,
             ...No Commitments!
2. Allow your personal trainer to take photos/videos of your sessions for marketing purposes.
     • This includes signing a photo-release form
3. Leave an online review for your personal training experience
     • Please send a screenshot as proof to your personal              trainer
4. Refer a friend or relative to take advantage of one of the intro options
• Upon their 1st purchase of at least $30 for your referral's "intro option," you'll gain access to the exclusive rate of $49 per 50m session, which comes out to $392 per month
• You'll both also gain access to an exclusive one-time rate of $39 per person, per session for a partner workout


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