Our Programs

Currently, we only offer three programs, although we are expanding soon!
• Infant (12 weeks - 12 months)
• Toddler (12 months - 36 months)
• Preschool (3 years - 4 years)

Balancing the Developmental Domains

Balancing the development of a child in all developmental domains:
(physical, cognitive, social/emotional, and language)
is a very difficult task to perfect.  It's almost like there's a science to it, but less precise than rocket-science.  Child development is more like a chef mixing in all the ingredients, cooking them together, guesstimating how long to keep it on the pan, watching the food cook, adjusting to the sounds and sizzles, and making sure it turns out perfect!
We provide plenty of space for children to crawl, walk, run, jump, and play.  We provide an indoor facility, but on very nice days we like to play outside.
We provide plenty of toys all around the environment for children to engage with.  Many of these toys give children a better understanding of object permanence, textures, feelings, and gravity.  We provide developmentally appropriate puzzles and building blocks for our children in every classroom.
We provide plenty of interaction between teachers and children to guide and play.  The children speak and converse with our instructors, or if they're unable to, rest assured our instructors will spend more than enough quality time with your child and will talk to him/her as if a conversation were happening.  In addition, children are free to play and interact with one another, making plenty of friends along the way.  Don't worry about their safety though, we're always watching, on the front line prepared to prevent a monstrous fall or spontaneous fight.
We provide plenty of opportunities to understand language better.  Our teachers are constantly talking to the children, even if they can't speak back yet.  Their vocabulary is sure to increase as they soak in new words everyday.  During planned times, we will play music that's developmentally appropriate for children to listen and move to, incorporating some rhythm and increasing their vocabulary.  Our teachers also love to read to our children and point out the words and pictures.


Westtown, NY, 10998

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