The best way to figure out the ideal package options for you and your needs is to utilize your free consultation.

Invest in your health, your body, your future

Benefits to Exercise & Nutrition
• Loss of up to 1-2lbs of bodyweight per week
• Loss of up to 1% body fat per month
• Up to 1-2 lbs of muscle gain per month
• Higher energy levels
• Increased muscle tone
• Increased coordination and/or sports performance
• Injury prevention or "pre-hab"
• Stress relief
• Improved health & quality of life
The Importance of Personal Training
• Only 5% of people who go to the gym (who don't have a personal trainer) will ever reach their goals.
• About 90%-95% of people who consistently see a personal trainer will reach their goals.
• There's a 50%-90% injury rate with gym-goers.  Personal trainers will build a good foundation for a client before attempting any difficult exercise.  Additionally personal trainers are always there to observe and cue form, critique technique, spot you when you're lifting heavy, and make sure you don't hurt yourself.
Location Options:
• At Client's Home
• Outdoors
• Nearby Gyms (for extra cost)
• Virtual Sessions!

Personal Training Options

Single Session
(per month prices)
50m Sessions:
May include extra fees for travel expenses and gym memberships if applicable


15% OFF


Up to $45 OFF

• Military (Active or Veteran)

• Police & Fire

• Doctors, Nurses, EMTs

• Teachers & Childcare

• Students!

Community Service:

• 1st Hour: $25 OFF

• 2nd Hour: +$15 OFF

• 3rd Hour: +$5 OFF

Best Option for 1st Time Clients!



The Starter Pack 

                         • One month

                         • 4 sessions

                         • 50% OFF

               • 100% Money-Back Guarantee

$264 ($66/session)
$132 ($33/session)
May include extra fees for travel expenses and gym memberships if applicable

(Discounts only apply to the above listed 50m Session packages, excluding the "single session")

Other Services
May include extra fees for travel expenses and gym memberships if applicable
Recovery Sessions (15m)    (Extended Stretching and/or Assisted Stretching)

• "Recovery Sessions" (15m) are $11 and must be accompanied by a scheduled session.

Program Purchase    (for the "Independent" client who has exercise experience)

• $35 - Pre-Made 30-Day Program (Save 25% if you buy a bundle of 3)

• $75 - 30-Day Personalized Program

Barebones Training

$145 per month ($36.25 per session) --- 1x/week (4 sessions per month)

• Not interested in the extra expenses that come with most personal training packages?  This package removes all the extra services, providing the lowest possible price for your training sessions.

                    - What was removed?

                                 • Client Homework Workout Assignments

                                 • Nutrition Consultation & Monitoring

                                 • Progress Measurements & Assessments

                                 • Accountability Check-Ins

                    - What do you get?

                                 • Just the 1-on-1 sessions and the sweat that comes with it!

                                            (at a very affordable price)

Special Options

           Personalized Supplement Recommendation

• $14 for supplement recommendations for health & goals

• "Friend and Family" Package
• Our Top Package (coming soon)
• "Show Me The Results" Package

     The most common hesitation to invest in personal training is "what if I don't get results?"  And that's a valid concern.  

     Personal training can be expensive and most trainers don't offer a money-back guarantee.  Trainers are scared to guarantee results because most of the results come from the client's eating habits, sleep, and exercise (even outside the regular training sessions).

     With the "Show Me The Results" Personal Training Package, you only pay for what you get out of the sessions.  With a pre and post assessment, we'll find out if you made any progress, and the price you pay varies depending on your results!

     • A month's worth of personal training can cost as low as $59 if you don't get the results you want!  (That's less than $15 a session if you train 4x a month)

     • Even if you get insanely great results, the maximum price is capped at $450 for a single month.  (That's $56.25 per session if you train 8x a month)

     • If the price was more than you were expecting, you can opt for an affordable payment plan so you can easily pay off the sessions!  And if you sign up for the next month, you get a discount on the previous month's sessions

A Month's Worth of Training
for as low as $59!?!


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