How I Will Help You!
• Weight Loss
I have a rich understanding of the human body because of my schooling, my experience as a trainer, and the studying I have done to become a trainer.  I understand the struggles of weight loss: motivation, portion control, and appetite... And the ways these problems can be dealt with: accountability & teamwork, calorie tracking, and protein intake.  Nutrition is the 1st step here, and I know exactly how we can do this together.  Don't worry, we won't neglect exercise either.  With me, I'll show you how to lose weight (through diet) and rev up your metabolism (through exercise), while avoiding all the very common mistakes that result in loss of tone, muscle, and slows down metabolism.
• Muscle Gain
Looking to build muscle in all the right areas?  Perhaps instead you'd like to develop more practical forms of strength?  Maybe you're an athlete training for a sport where you need to develop strength and power?  Whatever it is, I've got you covered.  As a former Marine with my own backstory, I can tell you exactly what most people do wrong.  Before I educated myself in this field, I thought the more you worked out, the more muscle you gained.  Boy, I couldn't have been more wrong.  The workout is essential but so is the recovery.  That means if you're not eating and resting right, you could actually be losing muscle mass with every workout.  That's exactly what happened to me, and I won't let it happen to you.  Together, we'll take the safest most effective approach to your gains, and you'll still get a hell of a workout.
• Cardio
If there's one aspect of personal training I like more than the rest, well, I think it'd have to be cardio.  This is where it all began for me as a middle schooler looking to try something athletic.  Cardio and running are what sparked my interest in this field and the rest is history.  Running is what got me in shape for everything else: the Marines, Spartan Races, 5ks, 10ks, my first Marathon, biking, rock climbing, etc.  Not to mention, I'm very thankful for the extra calories I get to eat everyday because of this fun pastime.  Whatever it is you hope to get out of cardio, I'll make sure you get it: weight loss, body tone, work off stress, lean physique, or just a fun new hobby!
• Race Training
As a former cross-country runner and 5k-marathon completer, I understand the thrill of competing!  Certainly, you'll want to do your best, and I can help you with that!  Whatever it is you need: a training program, accountability partner, and a nice sweaty workout, I've gotcha!  For those seeking weight loss or muscle gain, races are also an incredible milestone for the journey that help to motivate and keep your head in the game.  It's amazing to complete something you never thought you could ever do before.  Soon enough, you'll be addicted to the races just like I am!
• Obstacle Course Training
Oh yes, the obstacle courses.  The real test of functional strength, endurance, and mental grit, putting both your body and mind to the test.  You'll work everything in these events from strength, endurance, balance, and cardiorespiratory health.  To complete one of these bad boys, you'll need a capable, well-rounded body and a strong, disciplined mind.  A little bit of everything, but absolutely everything is tested when it's race day!  As a Spartan Race enthusiast and SGX Coach, I know exactly what it's going to take for you to complete one of these.  I'll train you, I'll coach you, and I'll prepare you for every obstacle you'll face when it's game day.
• Military Preparation
As a Marine, I know what bootcamp is like.  I know what I was thinking going in, and exactly what you have to be ready for physically and mentally.  It's going to be tough, and if you went in blind, you might very well have some serious rough patches.  You have to be ready for anything, but I know what their testing procedures are like, I know what information you have to know, and I know how you have to be disciplined.  Investing in the readiness of our armed forces is a privilege.  I'll make sure you're ready, mentally and physically!  I'll even give you study material that you'll need to know for our workouts to make sure you're ready for everything that's coming your way!
• Senior Fitness
Being certified through NASM as a personal trainer and SFS (Senior Fitness Specialist), I will be your most useful investment as you find yourself aging and your energy deteriorating.  I'll adjust for your specific needs whether it be an injury, the types of exercises you enjoy, and the pace you desire.  Together, we'll tackle on some of aging's most prevalent side affects such as muscle deterioration, loss of energy, and risk of falling.  One of my favorite quotes: "It is health that is the real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver."  Once you lose your health, you realize how true this really is.  This may be the most important investment you will make.


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