Inside Our Classrooms

Explore Interests, Satiate Curiosity

Our highly qualified teachers spend a considerable amount of time planning activities to increase autonomy/independence, interdependence between children in partner and group settings, and make learning fun for everyone!
Furthermore, our incredible, creative instructors setup the classroom to catch the interest of the children.  Toys, colors, designs, and pictures are carefully chosen and placed to truly draw out the inner curiosity the child holds within them.

Together Every Step of the Way

The only bigger advocate for our children than our teachers are you, the parents!  When you aren't with your children, rest assured they're safe and cared for under the care of our staff.  We teach, we guide, we eat, we sleep, we play, and we ensure your child's safety.  Most of all, we watch.
Free play is so much more than what it seems to be.  Your child has the choice to do what he/she wants to do.  He/she is learning to make their own decisions, find their own interests, and build their own relationships.  Throughout this process, we are careful not to push or sway your child.  Their play is their choice, and it's an important choice.  Although we don't lead your child during free play, we are very adept observers and we will protect your child and monitor his/her developmental progress.

Every Child is Unique &  We Embrace That

Children are unique.  The way they're raised and what they're exposed to plays a large role in determining their growth and personality, but we also recognize that within each child, regardless of their teachings, growth, and influence, children have their own personalities that are separate from the rest of the world.  Every child truly is unique.
• Every child has a different calling, a different interest.  We provide a variety of toys in the environment to support all of the multiple intelligences.
• Every child has a different temperament.  A way they naturally tend to act, to talk, to cry, and to sleep.  Our sensible, adaptable instructors have years of experience with children and are able to cater to the individual needs of all children.
• Every child is human and must be treated as such!  We talk to the children as if we're having a conversation.  We give ample warning to the child when we pick them up, being careful not to shock the child.  We build trust with your child.  Why?  Because everyone deserves to feel safe and secure in the world that they live, and it all begins in childhood.


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