"More Than Just Fitness"


with the wisdom provided by

modern research, colleges, and textbooks,

-Having Endured-

the physical experiences of

military training, obstacle course racing,

 and running marathons, 

-Yet Thirsty For Knowledge-

...always  learning, experimenting, and improving.  

Frequently taking courses, attending workshops,

training clients, and trying new things.  

A strong advocate of meditation, visualization,

affirmations, goal-setting, and vision boards.


Primed with a plan;

I am prepared to train you.

-You're never alone -



1-on-1 training individualized to you and your fitness goals, assured to increase strength, endurance, & performance while shedding stubborn body fat.

• Comprehensive Plan

• Progress Measurements

• Accountability

• Regular Nutrition Consulting

• Simple and Affordable


Coming Soon



Fear No More!

Only pay for the results you get;

If you don't see results,

you may be able to pay as little as $59

for the whole month!

If you see incredible results,

a month's worth of training is capped at $450

for the affordable price of $56.25/session.

"More Than Just Fitness"

I have a philosophy.  Success in health and fitness requires:

• Balance

Work & Recovery

Body, Mind, & Soul

Experience & Discussion

Cardio, Strength, Endurance, Flexibility, & Stability

• Practicality

Outdoors Training

Muscle Integration; Not Isolation

Calisthenics (Body Weight Training)

Skill, Coordination, & Performance Enhancement

Health Improvement (gain muscle, lose fat, boost metabolism, injury prevention)

• Community

Partner Exercises

Events (Group Meet-Ups!)

Exclusive Client & Class Member Forum (coming soon)

$$$ Towards the Community Impact Initiative of Your Choice


Personal Training with me includes:

a comprehensive day-by-day plan,

daily check-ins to hold you accountable to your goals,

progress measurements,

a growing community of like-minded individuals,

and your #1 FAN... Me!


      "In the short time that I have known Vince, it has become apparent that he possesses an abundance of all the heralded trainer abilities — high motivation, intelligence, sustained energy, outstanding organizational skills, a perception of clients' real needs, maturity, high self-awareness, and terrific interpersonal and communication skills.  It is my determination that there are few, if any, more dedicated trainers than Vince.

      Since beginning my training with Vince, I have noticeably improved endurance, strength, balance, flexibility, and agility. I have learned so much about my own strengths and limitations. I have also noticed increased quality of sleep, energy, and overall feeling of well-being.

      It is a sheer pleasure to be a client of Vince’s. As an individual who has been physically active throughout most of my life, and have worked actively as a certified personal trainer in the past, I am truly impressed by the diversity, excitement, and individuality that he brings to each workout. I have witnessed his knowledge of his craft and willingness to keep current. Vince has excellent client rapport which combines control with respect. He has passion for actively working in the Health and Wellness field, and true caring and concern for his clients. I recommend him with great enthusiasm and without reservation."

~ Jenny B.

“It is health that is the real wealth, and not pieces of gold and silver.”​

Mahatma Gandhi


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